B2B Maritime SA “our main motivation, is to become a NEW STYLE OF AGENCY in the region”.

This team has been growing together, earning experience through the years working in different local ship agencies since mid 90’s. Years when the globalization started the volatile modernization, using a simple language and professional service had to be proved by those who were able to modernize their structures to such dynamic changes. Each one of us has grown during this new era, where the global shipping industry requires the human resource with the vision to make a career, loving this profession, learning how to understand the demands of shipping business, supporting those Principals who trust their interests to ships agents with such capabilities.


We have realized that in the present times, Argentina requires a reliable kind of agency. All this experience earned, will now be focused not repeat same unfair commercial tools to promote an agency service as done for last 20 years, So It’s time to change the rules of the game…

We have given a name to our structure that will implement all tools to be adaptable, flexible, reliable and with the needed Marine expertise to protect what our clients really care about…this can only be accomplished by working “Back to Back”…

Therefore, our team invites you to be part of “B2B MARITIME SA, A NEW STYLE OF AGENCY” and to experience what you have been expecting from a real ship agent in Argentina. –


“To be big, not always means to be a good professional Agency, especially for TRAMPER AGENTS”.

We can be considered small, but we have a tailor-made kind of attention supported by years of experience, devotion in what we do and the motivation to be different of what is already known locally which has been simply the same for years.

Our growth will always be committed to maintain high standards of service and dedication. The responsibility of this founder team in front of the next generations, is to keep this policy during the years to come with those who trusted in B2B MARITIME SA.


B2B Maritime SA has a full coverage of all argentine ports, Uruguay and Brazil by strategic alliances with Partnership agencies who also are committed with transparent policies to assure long term relationships with our clients and mandatory parties. Employing a business-mind kind of service to represent 24/7 efficiently on realistic basis looking for best cost-benefit alternatives that each case demands.

We understand that shipping situations are not to be solved by repeating same solutions time after time, thus, we are here to bring you the best option at hand upon demand always seeking to better protect your interests and development of each trade.

We will be honoured of counting with your company partnership in this innovative venture.

Contact our team

Libertad 293 – 4th floor – C1012AAE – Buenos Aires, Argentina

+54 11 5239 8554 / +54 11 3987 1179